Teacher extending a hand shake to new student

South Harrison Community School Corporation is launching an affordable preschool option for families for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Currently, the district provides two free preschool options for financially eligible families - On My Way Pre-K and Jumpstart. Early Start Preschool will be a paid program available at Heth-Washington Elementary, New Middletown Elementary and South Central Elementary Schools. 

Jill Timberlake, Director of Title I for South Harrison Schools, said because this is a paid option, parents can choose which preschool location they want to enroll their child, as they would any other learning facility in Harrison County.

"We're offering this program in response to community needs we're seeing," Timberlake said. "Parents are wanting high-quality and affordable preschool options, and they know that's what they would be getting by sending their child to our program."

Timberlake said because of capacity, Corydon Elementary School will not be a site for the Early Start Program, but all the other elementary building locations will be. Parents or guardians would also have to provide transportation for their student. 

"More and more students every year are on- or above-grade level entering Kindergarten because they enrolled in the On My Way Pre-K program. This just goes to show how important choosing a reputable preschool program is for a child's educational and emotional success," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mark Eastridge.

The cost to enroll a child will be $3,600 for the entire school year, and a payment plan is available. Timberlake said the classroom sizes will be no more than 20 students and they expect every seat will be filled.

The Boys and Girls Club of Harrison County also provides after-school care for students, including preschool children, at South Central Elementary and Heth Washington Elementary Schools. Arrangements would need to be made through the club, not the school. 

Admission for the Early Start Program opens in June. For more information, email timbej@shcsc.k12.in.us or call Heth-Washington, New Middletown or South Central Elementary school's office.