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South Central Jr./Sr. High School serves the community in the southern portion of Harrison County, Indiana.  The two closest town populations are that of Elizabeth, estimated town population of 137, and Laconia, estimated town population of 50.  The population of the community served by South Central Jr./Sr. High School is approximately 5000.  South Central is considered a small, rural, public school with a student population of 382.

The school climate is one of interpersonal relationships between students and teachers.  Students feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment as well as have a strong sense of belonging and pride.  A large population of students participates in after-school athletic programs and club organizations.  Curricular and extra-curricular events such as ball games, school plays, music programs, and parent/teacher conference nights are well attended by both students and community members.  There is significant support from parents and community members in regard to athletic programs and band.  We have had an increase in parental support in creating more academic programs through our Parent/Administrator/Teacher/Student (PATS) Committee.

Harrison County continues to change.  The new business developments throughout Harrison County have impacted our student population. also.  These developments have directly affected the school in that the students are witness to the impact of industry on a community and which direction they may prepare for the future.

Our Beliefs
The teachers, administrators, parents, and community of South Central Jr./Sr. High School believe that:

* Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process
* Teachers need to pursue improvement in their teaching performance
*A variety of learning activities need to address different learning styles
* We all share, along with the student, equally in promoting student achievement
* Students need to be challenged to grow academically and socially
* Diversity should be embraced by the school community

Our Mission
South Central Jr./Sr. High School community provides a learning environment that inspires, engages and empowers students to achieve success.

South Central Jr./Sr. High School recognizes learning as a life-long process.  Standards-based curriculum guidelines afford students the opportunity for success in post-secondary education.  We strive to strengthen our students’ abilities to think critically and communicate effectively.  We believe that all students must be provided with a safe and structured environment that is conducive to their academic success.

South Central Jr./Sr. High School